This is the absorbent phase. Their brain is like a sponge where they literally absorb everything from the environment. Our goal is to create numerous opportunities and various tools for the kid to explore and grow as a confidant and independent toddler.

ABODE provides

  • Safety 1st: A complete program & a safe/conducive environment that meets physical, social, emotional, cognitive and language needs.
  • SELF-CARE: We encourage the kid to be independent by giving him sufficient time and space to do his daily chores - dressing up, buttoning/zipping, combing, put on/off shoes, tying shoe laces, self-serving, self-eating and many such activities under careful monitoring. This helps him gain SELF-confidence and respect/concern for others in HIS living community (home/school/family).
  • Montessori/Practical Life: We provide an extended Montessori environment for the child to explore all his senses and learning thru' doing using various practical life activities.
  • Languages/Verbal Memory: We introduce multiple languages using rhymes, finger plays, puppet theatres, poems, story reading, songs, shlokas, drama/theatre and various verbal memory activies.
  • Logical/Spatial Intelligence: We have enormous puzzles, sorters to develop logical, spatial and some kinesthetic abilities
  • Locomotive/Kinetic Energy (muscle memory): We have spacious and safe outdoor with swings, slides, splash pool, 3-D climbing walls, monkey bars and garden studio with trees/plants.
  • Challenger/high-energy kids: Graded green lands, games/sports to encourage the challenging kids explore their body control and develop higher levels of muscle memory, which prepares them to explore various difficult sports, dance, acrobatics at a later age.
  • Drama/Theatre: We have indoor and outdoor drama/theatre times to develop their 3-C's - CONFIDENCE, COMMUNICATION & CO-ORDINATION.
  • And finally....we work tirelessly to help discover their INNER JOY (defined as passion at later stages of HUMAN life)