This is the age of explosive learning - learn, do, talk, explore, help, imitate, discover in leaps n bounds and they may even invent few new ways of fun :-). Traditionally defined as the MOST sensitive phase for learning, where they absorb information from an enriched environment and various stimuli. During this phase, every KID explores & solidifies various human attritubes/skills/muscles/senses and establishes his basic personality as a future adult.

At ABODE, we name this as 'Do-it-my-way' (confidence) and 'I-want-to-be-you' (imitation) phase. We provide various stimuli as mentioned below to help this growing curiousity and innate learning desire.

This is the age of advanced exploration and need-to-know . The kid will be introduced to second & final part of our curriculum, through advanced logic, language, art, music, drama & sports. At Abode, we call it as 'KNOW-it-ALL' (Independence) and 'I CAN' (Confidence, Curiousity & Achieve ATTITUDE)

At ABODE, we

  • Provide over 100 + Montessori toys for this age group
  • Habits/Skills needed for a good life
  • Introduce them to various cultures and develop respect for various social/cultural differences globally.
  • Show/Explain critical relationship among all subjects - logic, reading, music, drama, math, science, geography and other natural sciences
  • Develop/Enhance Moral Skills, confidence, self-esteem, peaceful conflict resolution techniques and much needed basic qualities for future learning.
  • Teach next level of Astro Science and various relationships among earth, sun, sky & other cosmic bodies.
  • Develop Special Understanding, respect and support for each other and environment (school/home).
  • Engage them in a hands-on approach activities based on their natural curiosity, in a fun & stimulating environment that is both challenging and supportive.
  • Longer Music & Dance times to stretch various muscles and enhance their tiny (co-ordinaed) timings b/w various parts of human body, while improving their reflexes (body/brain) tremendously.
  • Art and craft classes to enhance their creative and imaginative brain
  • Provide an environment for brain exercise and tougher memory challenges.
  • Spacious play ground to build muscle strengths and improve muscle memory
  • Large and small group activities for team building, co-ordination and leadership skills
  • Next Level of Old Indian traditional games for fine motor skills development
  • Indoor and outdoor drama/theatre times to develop their 3-C's - CONFIDENCE, COMMUNICATION & CO-ORDINATION, while enhancing their self-expressions and listen & talk orders/routines.
  • Reading and Writing concepts taught thru' various games, sports and day-to-day routines of their LIVING community (home/school/family & friends....)
  • Perfect balance between outdoor and indoor, quiet and active play
  • Breathing exercrises, Tiny yoga times, Gardening, Longer Circle times and many more FUN-to-DO & LOVE-to-Explore stuff