ABODE Mission

We believe that anything is possible with the right foundation. 0 - 6 yrs is the most important phase of human brain development. Abode' mission is to create an enviroment rich with varied experiences (curriculum, toys, activities/jobs), in which our kids are at will to explore, learn, play, create, visualize, socialize & celebrate their uniqueness. The goal is to help realize every kid is a WINNER as long as they perform their individual best.

Suman Puvvaladasu

WE create native, ancient, real and highly varied experiences in a prepared enviroment with gentle guidance (need-on basis) and a HUGE freedom to make their own choices. Our curriculum is designed uniquely to help every kid reach his MAXIMUM potential

The goals established by the school are:
  • Provide a safe, stimulating and enriching environment where developmentally appropriate activities are introduced
  • Create an INNER JOY thru' Learning by Doing & Exploring.
  • Help develop creative learning, curiousity, self-care and self-discipline
  • Provide high-quality child care by regularly evaluating day-to-day activities/operations.
  • Encourage parent visitation, input, and participation thru' MOM n ME programmes.
  • Help every child @ABODE exceed kindergarden requirements (emotionally and academically).
  • Ensure every KID meets various challenges of ACADEMICS and modern LIFE.