ABODE Methodology

Our methodology is an extension of Montessori/Multiple Intelligence and is carefully designed by including age-old indian traditions, sports/games with a new-age refresh. Our Holistic curriculum is well drafted to develop physical, social, emotional, intellectual, artistic & creative potentials, while strongly encouraging individiual and collectives responsibilities towards SELF & living community

  • Open Air Dramas & Talent shows
  • Sports & Strength Builder Programmes
  • Locomotive & Kinesthetic rides
  • A balanced & nutritious Organic Lunch
  • Fairy Garden Fun
  • Super WHY??? Quizzes
  • Curious Zoning
  • Global Festive Fun
  • Puppet Theatre
  • Real World/Life Simulations
  • Forgotten Fun (a.k.a Indian traditional games/activities)
  • Weekend Activity Classes
  • Mom 'n' Me Programmes